The nearest synonym to beauty is health.

And when the spring comes, and nature does her thing… we are blissed with goodies that can bust our energy.

Frutas tropicales curso cocina Mallorca

Melon and watermelon

Melon y sandía curso cocina Mallorca

In addition to being delicious and contain large amounts of water, these fruits contain a high percentage of potassium, which regulates the levels of sodium that causes swelling of the abdomen. Enjoy our Cooking Classes Mallorca.


The omega-3s they contain help us reduce the excess fat in our body and allows us to regulate the hormones that produce stress. Four nuts a day are enough for you to receive all your properties.


Thanks to its high glycemic content we can control the levels of sugar in our body, which will allow us to reactivate the metabolism. Like nuts, these are carriers of omega 3 in addition to calcium and fiber, substances that will provide us with energy. We can use them in our salads or combine them with yogurt.

Citrus fruits

It is well known that these foods are a safe source of vitamin C, which allows our body to process fat faster; Its acceleration will cause insulin, a substance that causes us to gain weight, be eliminated.


Avena en curso cocina Mallorca

The fiber that contains this food helps us to purify the blood and lower cholesterol because one of its main properties is to absorb the fats and eliminate any toxins that can affect our body. It is ideal to consume it in the morning as a main component of our breakfast.

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