It comes the most funny and stressful part of the preparation, we recommends doing it with help of the lid of the pan if you don’t have a special skirting “tortillera”.  Flipping the omelet is an art and you you will have to repeat the process a couple of times until the inside is cooked through.

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Potato is a soothing food for skin problems, contains more starch, a product with emollient, soothing the skin. This property makes the potato can be used to combat a lot of stomach problems. In external use, can be applied the potatoes to combat pain, to reduce the inflammations or to heal the wounds.

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Also apply the slices potato on the affected body.  In a same way the potato treatments can be applied on the aching articulations affected by rheumatism in order to calm the pain, arthritis or osteoarthritis. Potatoes ca also be used to combat treat acne. In the Cooking Classes Mallorca at Open Kitchen Mallorca we cook the potatoes for the best Spanish tortillas.


Edible properties of potatoes


Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, have detoxifying properties, but this vitamin is located under the skin of potato, manu of it gets lost after cooking. They are specially rich in carbohydrates that are, together with sugar, the energy source for the correct working of our body.

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Sa Pobla in Mallorca new potato export


Higher than normal temperatures and very little frost have led to the export of potatoes starting much earlier than usual and to excellent forecasts because of the abundance of potatoes of very good quality.

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Sa Pobla will be exporting between 17,000 and 22,000 tons of potatoes to the UK, Scandinavia, eastern European countries such as Poland and also to Germany.  The accelerated growth of the potatoes has been due to higher temperatures over the past few months and has also helped to bump up the price during the first weeks of export
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